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Early Bird Pre-Order Information:

What is Early Bird Pre-order price?
Early Bird Pre-order (EBP) price is the special discounted price we offer for those who pre-order & place the down payment before the stated pre-order deadline. If there is an EBP price for a particular item, but no pre-order deadline indicated, we will confirm if you qualify for the EBP price after receiving your order..

How do I qualify for the Early Bird Pre-order price?
First, we will require for the down payment before the pre-order deadline. If therefs no pre-order deadline indicated, we will require the down payment within 3 days after confirming your pre-order.
Then you must claim the item strictly_within_15_days upon its arrival, no extension.
IMPT: If it exceeds 15 days unclaimed, youfll have to pay for the regular price.

Note 1: The regular price will always surface when you place an item in the cart & when you send the online order. We'll confirm the EBP slot when we send you the order reply.

Note 2: When you pre-order an EBP item thatfs arriving soon, the EBP offer is automatically void if you donft place the down payment before its arrival.

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