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Macross Plus HG Model Kit: VF-19Kai Fire Valkyrie with Sound Booster 1/100 ScaleFigure-rise Standard Gundam Seed: Lunamaria Hawke30 Minutes Sisters Model Kit: Option Body Parts Beyond The Blue Sky 1 [Color B]Synduality HG Model Kit: Daisy Ogre AlterMashin Eiyuuden Wataru HG Amplified IMGN Model Kit: Ryuoumaru30 Minutes Sisters Model Kit: YuphiaKyoukai Senki HG Model Kit: Mailes Gouyo Custom 1/72 Scale30 Minutes Sisters Model Kit: Option Body Parts Arm & Leg Parts [Brown]
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Gundam HG WFM Model Kit: Demi BardingGundam SDEX Model Kit: Gundam Deathscythe HellGundam MG Model Kit: Hyaku-Shiki Ver. 2.0Figure-rise Standard Gundam The Witch From Mercury: Miorine RembranGundam HGBD:R Model Kit: Mercuone WeaponsGundam HGUC Model Kit: Guncannon (Revive Ver.)Gundam Entry Grade Model Kit: Lah GundamGetter Robot HG Model Kit: Getter Arc
Gundam HG WFM Model Kit: Dilanza (Guel Custom)Figure-rise Standard Gundam The Witch From Mercury: Suletta MercuryGundam HG Seed Model Kit: Ginn Type High ManeuverGundam HG WFM Model Kit: Gundam Lfrith ThornGundam Entry Grade Model Kit: Gundam Build Strike Exceed GalaxyGundam HGUC Model Kit: Gundam F91Gundam HGBD:R Model Kit: Gundam Nepteight UnitGundam HGBD:R Model Kit: Jupitive Gundam
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